Let the Truth Be Known

Let the Truth Be Known

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Souls Of We signifies a new beginning for world renowned guitarist George Lynch (Dokken, Lynch Mob) and legendary Hollywood frontman London LeGrand (Brides Of Destruction). The chemistry between Lynch and LeGrand was instant and undeniable. George Lynch's Souls Of We is a modern rock band with strong songs fronted by the consummate frontman and one of the best guitarists in the world. This quartet started turning heads once they hit the road and fans see the band in action.

Track Sample Amazon iTunes
1 Let The Truth Be Known
2 January
3 Skeleton Key
4 Everything I want
5 Key of Noise
6 Sorry To Say
7 Crawling
8 St. Jude
9 Ghandi's Got A Gun
10 Push It
11 Psycho Circus
12 Nork 13
13 Adeline
14 Under The Dead Tree

About George Lynch Souls of We

Guitarist George Lynch
 was one of the top guitarists in
 the 80’s and appeared on the cover
 of nearly every guitar oriented magazine
 in the world. As a member of Dokken he
 churned out a series of multi-platinum albums,
each one with more impressive guitar work on it than the
 next. As a touring member of Dokken, he saw the world
 and introduced fans across the globe to his phenomenal,
stylistic approach to the guitar. In the 90’s George had
 another round of success with his own group the Lynch Mob 
on Elektra records and again supported his releases with a heavy touring schedule.