Blues Bureau

Generator (CD)

Mike Onesko formed the Blindside Blues Band in the early 1990’s with bassist Greg Chaisson and drummer Jeff Martin formerly of Jake E. Lee’s “Badlands”. Their mission statement was to create harder-edged blues music in the tradition of late 60’s/ early 70’s blues-rock artists such as Cream, Mountain, and Robin Trower.

Price: $14.03

Cosmic Conn3ction (CD)

This is one of those rare times when you can almost judge a record by its' cover. From the title "Cosmic Connection," and the band's psychedelic logo to the moody front cover depicting Stoney Curtis in the cosmos, acid blues fans will know to expect something great. Heavily steeped in 60's/70's psychedelia, the Stoney Curtis Band has translated the energy of their phenomenal live show into the grooves of their third Blues Bureau CD "Cosmic Connection."

Price: $16.99

Knighted By The Blues (CD)

"Knighted By The Blues" is Derringer’s first blues record in over a decade to feature predominately Derringer's original blues oriented compositions. A consummate songwriter,fans will be happy to hear their hero on top of his game as he delivers one riveting new tune after another. In addition to his many records with Johnny and Edgar Winter, Derringer is perhaps most remembered for singing “Hang On Sloopy” for the McCoys when he was a teenager and for his hit single “Rock and Roll Hootchie Coo”.

Price: $14.99

Infinite Energy (CD)

Infinite Energy continues in the tradition of smokin' blues with doses of heavy psychedelia throughout. Infinite Energy contains Duarte's legendary blues guitar chops over a diverse set of grooves and lyrical themes.

Price: $16.99