Blues Bureau

Vantage Point (CD)

Duarte's new CD "Vantage Point" is poised to surpass the expectations of his loyal fan base as it features Duarte's best work in the context of high energy blues rock contains moments that bring to mind legendary artists as diverse as Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Johnson.

Price: $14.99

Travelin' Blues (CD)

On this new guitar-drenched compilation from Blues Bureau International, revered blues/rock guitarist Pat Travers delivers a smokin? set of power blues rock including high energy covers and soul stirring original tunes in the aggressive blues rock genre of which he is a founding father.

Price: $17.11

Blue Me (CD)

Leslie West returns to the Blues Bureau label with "Blue Me," a collection of rock blues rock covers done in the inimitable West style. "Blue Me" contains the kind of guttural vocals and soulful bluesy guitar playing that have established Leslie as one of the greatest talents in the history of rock and roll .

Price: $17.36

The Psychedelic Underground (CD)

With Psychedelic Underground Eric has developed a unique hybrid blues/rock sound that also draws upon influences as diverse as Albert King and Eric Johnson. A unique amalgam of styles, Eric Gales stands head and shoulders among other guitarists in his genre. The Psychedelic Underground takes the next logical step in Eric's career, further establishing him as one of the rare musical talents of his generation. This record features Mars Volta drummer Thomas Pridgen. Gales was signed to Elektra records at the age of 16 and recorded two critically acclaimed records while under their roof.

Price: $17.57