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Steve Khan



Noted Latin American journalist Antonio Gandia recently named Steve Khan, in the publication, Músico Pro,  "The voice of the guitar in Latin Jazz," a title well-deserved, following “PARTING SHOT”(2011), “SUBTEXT”(2014) and “BACKLOG”(2016), a string of critically acclaimed, ground-breaking Latin jazz recordings.

“PATCHWORK” continues Steve’s constantly inventive Latin interpretations of the jazz repertoire, culled from some of the most revered composers in the genre,  and places Steve in a class all his own, not only as a guitarist, but as an arranger and producer. His own composition “Naan Issue,” rooted in the “cha-cha-cha” is sure to be an instant Latin jazz classic, and is one of the stand-out compositions on the record. Compositions by Thelonious Monk, Ornette Coleman, Bobby Hutcherson, Joe Henderson, Keith Jarrett, Lerner & Lane, and México’s Jorge Estrada combine to create an album, which is well-paced and draws upon a variety of Latin grooves, from fiery uptempo pieces to gorgeous boleros, enabling the collection to unfold artistically from top to bottom.

When discussing his new record, Steve said, “With the existence of "PATCHWORK," I feel a step closer to having completed this exploration into carving out a particular musical territory that offers a perspective on just how the guitar, as I hear it and conceive of it, can be an important voice in Latin Jazz - now, and in the future.”