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Tone Center

CAB delivers an aggressive fusion Super Session, bringing together three of  the most revered instrumentalists of our time. Tony MacAlpine ( Steve Vai ), Bunny Brunel ( Chick Corea ) and Dennis Chambers (Santana)and legendary keyboardist Brian Auger turned out some unprecedented sessions featuring Incredible rhythms, stellar ensemble playing, and great melodies which create a canvas for each player's phenomenal soloing ability.

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1 Night Splash
2 Cab
3 So There Is Love
4 Just Perfect
5 One For Stern
6 The Watcher
7 Atamanashi
8 Boogie Me
9 Elastic Man
10 Bernard

About Bunny Brunel, Dennis Chambers & Tony MacAlpine (CAB)

Featuring three of the most revered instrumentalists today, rock guitarist/keyboardist Tony Macalpine, basist Bunny Brunel (Chick Corea, Herbie Hancock) and drummer Dennis Chambers

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