Between The Music And Latitude

Between The Music And Latitude

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The level of intuitive musical interplay and synergy created by the Citriniti brothers is a powerful force that inspires awe from fellow musicians.Joined by Italian session veteran Fabrizio Leo this record is brimming with important performances, both by the ensemble and by each individual musician's jaw-dropping solos."Between The Music And Latitude" is an incredible set of intricate compositions, built on tight interplay between the three musicians.This is one CD that progressive rock and fusion fans will be hailing for many years to come.

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1 Naked Words
2 Test
3 Comedown
4 Ritual
5 Inferno
6 Time Out
7 Latitude
8 Drunk
9 Invisible

About Citriniti

Citriniti is named after brothers, Danilo and Domenico Citriniti born in Catanzaro Italy. Drummer Danilo and bassist Domenico gradually shifted their focus from progressive metal to complex Progressive jazz fusion instrumentals, rich in advanced techniques.