Dario Lorina

Dario Lorina

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Shrapnel Records

Touring for over a span of seven years since age sixteen, first with late Warrant singer Jani Lane, in more recent years with Lizzy Borden and now with Black Label Society, metal guitar virtuoso Dario Lorina delivers his first solo recording. Growing up listening to guitarists such as Randy Rhoads, Paul Gilbert, George Lynch and Van Halen, Dario’s music harkens back to the glory days of high caliber shred guitar, the genre of which Shrapnel Records was a founding force.

Dario Lorina’s debut solo CD reveals a guitarist brim- ming with extreme musical ability. This guitarist brings more diverse influences into play than the average neo-classical riff monger. While technically proficient like all of the label’s guitar instrumental- ists, Dario’s CD isn’t just about shredding. It’s an American guitar instrumental album having more in common with riffs reminiscent of Paul Gilbert George Lynch and Van Halen than the European influence of guitarists such as Yngwie Malmsteen.

Dario’s debut CD is a powerful all-instrumental CD drenched in attitude-filled guitar work, backed by a thundering hard rock rhythm section.

Track Sample Amazon iTunes
1 Demon Run
2 Pipe Dreams
3 My Heroine
4 Villains
5 Silhouettes
6 Feels Good
7 House Of The Rising Sun
8 Alive
9 Ambrosia
10 Words Unspoken
11 Sacksong
12 Revolutions
13 Amor Odium

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