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Tone Center

Fabrizio Leo is a new breed of guitar hero that has forged his own style and is poised to take his place among the great innovators of our time. Leo's incredible technique is second only to his strong sense of melody and intelligent grooves. Fabrizio Leo has created a debut album that is destined to shake up the guitar community and propel him to great heights within the genre.

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1 Total Eclipse
2 Metal Bragalini
3 Yeah Vinnie!
4 Chat
5 Mai Dire Blues
6 Romilda
7 Lonely But Not Forever
8 AutoRegistrazioneCerebrale
9 The Sabrina's Black Glasses
10 Cyborg In Love
11 Cutaway
12 Black Man
13 Giorgi House
14 Illusion
15 Depression

About Fabrizio Leo

Fabrizio “Bicio” (pronounced “bee-chow”) Leo, was born in Abbiategrasso, about 20km south of Milan, Italy on 7/28/1971. He began as a self-taught guitarist at age sixteen, focusing his passion and practicing time perfecting an intense rock/fusion style. He was inspired by instructional videos and recordings from virtuoso guitarists from the Shrapnel label group, such as Greg Howe, Brett Garsed and Frank Gambale to name just to name a few. Today, Bicio is one of the greatest guitarists on the Shrapnel roster.

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