The Light Beyond

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Tone Center

Frank Gambale ( Chic Corea ), Stuart Hamm ( Joe Satriani,Steve Vai) Steve Smith ( Journey, Vital Information) have a phenomenal synergy which picks up where their first recording left off and goes light years beyond. With a renewed emphasis on composition and a "go for broke" approach to improvising, this trio has  really matured into a powerhouse unit.

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1 Katahdin
2 Yang
3 First Look
4 The Throne Of Savitar
5 Nostalgia
6 Yin
7 The Spirit Of DunDun
8 Lumpy's Lament
9 Isle Of Few
10 Fugitive Aspirations

About Frank Gambale, Stuart Hamm, and Steve Smith

Featuring Frank Gambale on the guitar, Stuart Hamm on Bass, and Steve Smith on Drums.

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