Turn Of The Millenium

Turn Of The Millenium

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George Bellas' debut release is an album of intensely heavy compositions with odd-time meter and neo-classical, progressive overtones. Bellas lead the way for a new breed of guitar players as he explored the outer realms of cutting-edge guitar music. This release also features Deen Castronovo (Journey,Ozzy Osbourne, Bad English) on drums.

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1 Turn Of The Millenium
2 Lightyears
3 Monolith
4 Future Music
5 Survive
6 Voyage In Time
7 Relentless
8 Eternity
9 Ripped To Shreds
10 Forever In Time
11 Everlasting

About George Bellas

George Bellas is a Guitarist, Composer and Educator. He plays guitar, bass, keyboards, sings and composes for all instruments in neoclassical, neoromantic, progressive rock, and strict classical and jazz styles.