Circus Of Sound

Circus Of Sound

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Just when progressive rock and fusion fans thought they've heard it all, OHM: came along to change their perspective on progressive instrumental music and to prove how good it really can get. Since 1997, OHM: has been breathing new life into the L.A. rock fusion scene by writing, recording, and performing with a highly original and captivating brand of instrumental music, inspired by the likes of King Crimson, Return to Forever and Mahavishnu Orchestra as well as progressive rock and metal.

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1 Fun House
2 System Of A Clown
3 Photograph
4 Circus Of Sound
5 Point Omega
6 Abracadabra
7 The Shortest Straw
8 The Black Hand
9 You Don't Know
10 Steps From Home
11 Mr. Brown (for James Brown)
12 DD 214
13 Leap Of Faith
14 Pan's Plan

About OHM:

OHM is an American instrumental rock/jazz fusion group fronted by former Megadeth guitarist Chris Poland. The band was formed in 2002 and has released three studio albums and a live album.