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Tone Center

This is Scott Henderson's first live recording and captures his critically acclaimed guitar ability as it was showcase at an LA club over several nights during 2004. Guitar fans have enjoyed hearing Scott work with Jean Luc Ponty, Chick Corea, Joe Zawinul, power fusion trio " Henderson, Smith and Wooten" with Steve Smith and Victor Wooten and his own band Tribal Tech. In addition, Scott has churned out an incredible body of work stemming from his other career as founding member of Tribal Tech and as a solo artist, both of which he has toured extensively to support.

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1 Slidin'
2 Well To The Bone
3 Sultan's Boogie
4 Xanax
5 Lady P
6 Jakarta
7 Tacos Are Good
8 Dog Party
9 Fee Fi Fo Fum
10 Meter Maid
11 Nairobe Express
12 Devil Boy
13 Hillbilly In The Band

About Scott Henderson

Scott Henderson is a jazz fusion and blues guitarist best known for his work with the band Tribal Tech.

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