Show'em Where You Live

Show'em Where You Live

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"Show 'Em Where You Live" is the third in a series of recordings documenting the "new" direction of Vital Information.   In their 1998 recording "Where We Come From," the band returned to the roots of U.S. Music reinventing their concept around the sound of the Hammond-B3 Organ with the rhythmic underpinnings of the organic soul/funk grooves of the 60s and 70s. "Show 'Em Where You Live" is the fruit of that labor with music that reaches into the richness of the history of U.S. Music and make a timeless statement about where U.S. Music is today. Featuring Modern Drummer Magazine Hall Of Fame drummer, Steve Smith (Journey, Steps Ahead ), Frank Gambale (Chic Corea), Tom Coster (Santana) this record is one of their definitive performances in a career spanning more than 20 years.

Track Sample Amazon iTunes
1 Cranial #1 Right Now
2 Mr. T.C.
3 Shagadelic Boogaloo
4 Cranial #2 The Jinx
5 Soul Principle
6 Our Man In Louisiana
7 Cat and Mouse
8 Cranial #3 Azul
9 Sideways Blues
10 The Blackhawk
11 Cranial #4 Where We Live
12 The Fire Still Burns (for Jimi)
13 Cranial #5 Awaken The Hoodoo
14 Cranial #6 Mata Hari
15 Gingerbread Boy
16 Cranial #7 Brake Failure

About Vital Information

Steve Smith and Vital Information is an American jazz-fusion group led by drummer Steve Smith.

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