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Featuring guitar legend Yngwie Malmsteen(Rising Force) and Keel vocalist Ron Keel (Keel)  on their debut record as recording artsits, with bassist Rik Fox and drummer Mark Edwards, Steeler brims with amazing axework from Malmsteen, including a long unaccompanied solo intro to the steaming anthem, "Hot On Your Heels." A metal guitar classic.

Track Sample Amazon iTunes
1 Cold Day in Hell n/a
2 Backseat Driver n/a
3 No Way Out n/a
4 Hot On Your Heels n/a
5 Abduction n/a
6 On the Rox n/a
7 Down to the Wire n/a
8 Born To Rock n/a
9 Serenade n/a

About Steeler

Steeler was an early 1980s American heavy metal band from Nashville. Band members included: Ron Keel on vocals and guitar, Michael Dunigan on lead guitar, Bobby Eva on drums and Tim Morrison on bass. In 1982, they released the single "Cold Day in Hell". Eva left the band after a short while and was replaced by drummer Mark Edwards. This new line-up did not last long and released no albums or singles.