The Second Record

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On The Second Record, Tracii Guns’ League Of Gentlemen reveal their 60’s psychedelic roots in this incredible collection of songs, faithfully reproduced with vintage sounds and stellar instrumental and vocal performances. The band’s charismatic young front- man, Scott Foster Harris, hails from Texas and delivers soulful performances with deep inspiration from a time before he was born. Rock fans have seen Doni Gray play Drums for Burning Tree which also included Marc “Muddy” Dutton of the Chris Robinson Brotherhood and Marc Ford who also played with Chris, while a member of The Black Crowes. Doni also played drums on Izzy Stradlin’s Ju Ju Hounds record as well as Marc Ford’s solo record. Craig “Patches” McCloskey comes from Philly and, while a great guitar player, he plays bass in The League Of Gentlemen. John Bird, also from L.A., is the musician that every band wishes they had: a multi-instrumentalist who knows the in’s and out’s of music and plays an important role in the song writing process. Together they combine for an impressive musical alliance that has created a captivating piece of music.

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1 Anywhere We Want To Go
2 Cinnamon Girl
3 Sunshine
4 Days
5 Gimme Some Truth
6 You Get What You Deserve
7 Citadel
8 For What It's Worth
9 Ride Captain Ride
10 Hey Bulldog
11 Strychnine
12 White Rabbit
13 Devil Or Angel
14 Eeny Meeny Miney Moe

About Tracii Guns' League Of Gentlemen

The Tracii Guns League Of Gentlemen is a Rock And Roll band that leans heavy into 1970 s British and American blues based hard rock.Together the members combine for an impressive musical alliance that has created one of the most impressive classic rock debut records in years.

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