Speed Metal Symphony

Speed Metal Symphony

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"Cacophony" defines neo-classical heavy metal by blending the guitar fury of Marty Friedman with 17 year old guitar phenomenon Jason Becker. With double bass drum visionary Atma Anur laying down intense polyrythmic grooves, "Cacophony" is a must-have for guitar fans. Jason Becker went on to replace Steve Vai in the David Lee Roth band and Marty Friedman went onto to play guitar for Megadeth for much of their commercial success. This record is widely acknowledged as an important record in the development of guitar techniques used by some of the biggest metal bands on the scene today. Drummer Atma Anur, one of the best progressive rock drummers in the world, subsequently recorded and toured with a number of groups before moving to Europe to further his recording, performing and drum instructional career. Lead vocalist, Peter Marrino who came to the band fresh from CBS recording artists "Lemans", was the journeyman of the band. Marrino went on to further his career as a singer,songwriter and producer before becoming the world's preeminent Ozzy Osbourne impersonator with his "Unauthorized Ozzy" show, a long running favorite in Vegas and beyond.

Track Sample Amazon iTunes
1 Savage
2 Where My Fortune Lies
3 Concerto
4 The Ninja
5 Burn the Ground
6 Desert Island
7 Speed Metal Symphony

About Cacophony

Cacophony was an American heavy metal band formed in 1986 by guitarists Marty Friedman and Jason Becker. They remained active until 1989, after which both guitarists would go on to forge their own solo careers and join other bands.

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