The Blackberry Jams

The Blackberry Jams

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Gripping virtuoso guitar licks and a glimpse at history as it was being made are the meat and potatoes of Jason Becker's new album, "The Blackberry Jams." It was 1990, and Jason Becker had the world of rock n' roll at his feet. Already considered one of the world's greatest guitarists, the nineteen year-old virtuoso had just wrapped a recording session as the lead guitarist on David Lee Roth's "A Little Ain't Enough" record, as successor to renowned guitarist Steve Vai, and was also slated for the guitar slot on the subsequent support tour.It was nearly every aspiring rock guitarists dream. However, just as he started playing with David Lee Roth, he was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig's disease (ALS), a degenerative neurological condition. Almost 14 years later, Becker sat in a wheel chair, most of his body paralyzed. However, while many would be mourning the loss of a promising career, Becker refused to relinquish his gift to the unsympathetic disease. In fact, due to his extraordinarily positive outlook on life, he still considered himself extremely lucky. "The Blackberry Jams" is a collection of private recordings and previously unreleased demos from his critically acclaimed solo album, "Perpetual Burn." A follow up to the successful "Raspberry Jams," this album is the second in the series which is intended to give the fans a sneak peek at his private thoughts and the making of some of his most popular albums.

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1 Go Off! Intro
2 Groin-grabbingly Transcendent
3 Opitudes
4 Church of the Weird
5 Mabel's Air...could it BE any faster?
6 Short X-Ray Eyes
7 Airage
8 Perpetual Burn (SH-1159)
9 Ashram of You, Lee
10 Images Intro
11 Mabel...Simple Little Nibbling
12 Jewel
13 Kind of Like a Spring
14 Air
15 Ten Yellow Pointy Kitties
16 Absurd Temple Jig
17 Part of Stranger
18 There's That
19 Black Cat
20 Little Rippage
21 Perpetual Tudes
22 Floor Pie
23 El Beckero
24 Pocus I Say
25 Conglomeration...Boy Meets Guitar
26 Little Dweller
27 Jewel #2
28 Long X-Ray Eyes
29 Altitudes Jam
30 Bemesderfer's Wooping Stick
31 If it Weren't So Purdy I'd Call it Skin Flute

About Jason Becker

Jason Becker began his career as a Shrapnel recording artist by joining forces with guitar virtuoso Marty Friedman to form seminal progressive metal pioneers,“Cacophony.” Amassing worldwide acclaim as a guitar virtuoso, Jason came to the attention of David Lee Roth who was looking for a guitarist to replace SteveVai and the rest is history.

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