Perpetual Burn

Perpetual Burn

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Jason Becker's solo album set new standards in progressive music. It embodies brilliant compositions featuring highly structured and complex guitar lines. This record paints a clear picture as to why Jason succeeded Van Halen and Steve Vai in David Lee Roth's organization. As Becker is one of the longest living individuals with ALS disease (more than 20 years) he is the focus of tremendous media attention and has a movie being filmed about his life in 2011.

Track Sample Amazon iTunes
1 Altitudes
2 Perpetual Burn
3 Mabel's Fatal Fable
4 Air
5 Temple of Absurd
6 Eleven Blue Egyptians
7 Dweller in the Cellar
8 Opus Pocus

About Jason Becker

Jason Becker began his career as a Shrapnel recording artist by joining forces with guitar virtuoso Marty Friedman to form seminal progressive metal pioneers,“Cacophony.” Amassing worldwide acclaim as a guitar virtuoso, Jason came to the attention of David Lee Roth who was looking for a guitarist to replace SteveVai and the rest is history.

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