Crystal Vision

Crystal Vision

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A unique amalgam of styles, Eric Gales stands head and shoulders among other guitarists in his genre. "Crystal Vision" takes the next logical step in Eric's career, further establishing him as one of the rare musical talents of his generation. A guitarists' guitarist, Gales lays down some extremely impressive chops in a hard-edged progressive blues rock context. Gales was signed to Elektra records at the age of 16 and recorded two critically acclaimed records while under their roof. Moving on to the House Of Blues label for the record “Left Hand Brand”, he was then signed by Janie Hendrix to the estate’s label and released “That’s What I Am”. Currently Eric is constantly touring and will record a live record in 2011 in addition to a studio record.

Track Sample Amazon iTunes
1 Retribution
2 Are You My Friend?
3 I Got Me A Woman
4 I Don't Want You Hangin' Around
5 Freedom From My Demons
6 Trouble
7 Hush
8 Crystal Vision
9 Me And My Guitar
10 Plastic Girl
11 Old School
12 That's Just How It Is

About Eric Gales

Eric Gales grew up in a musical family with four brothers, two of them who learned to play the guitar upside down and left handed in the same fashion that Eric does. Eric’s brother Eugene Gales played bass in the Eric Gales Band and his brother Jimmy King had a thriving career as a blues artist before his untimely death. Eric released his first record at Age 16 for Elektra records to an amazing response from the media and music fans around the globe. Guitar World Magazine’s Reader’s Poll named Eric as “Best New Talent,” in 1991. After recording a second record for Elektra, all three brothers  teamed up for The Gales Bros. “Left Hand Brand” which was recorded for the House of Blues label in 1996.