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Shrapnel Records

Known to many for his work with Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake, this release set standards for the 90's as an instrumental offering comprised of aggressive rock and fusion compositions which showcase Howe's incredible technique, musicianship, virtuosity and flair. A quick google search will give insight into this pivotal instrumental recording.

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1 Jump Start
2 Button Up
3 Come And Get It
4 In Step
5 Desiderata
6 No Place Like Home
7 Direct Injection
8 Pay As You Go

About Greg Howe

Greg Howe officially began his solo career after sending a demo tape to Shrapnel Records in 1987, upon which he was immediately signed by founder Mike Varney. His self-titled debut album was released in 1988, during the popular shred era, and went on to become his highest-selling album. A Guitar World article in 2009 would rank it as tenth in the all-time top ten list of shred albums. The following year, he joined with Albert to form a Van Halen-inspired hard rock group named Howe II. Through Shrapnel, they released two studio albums: High Gear (1989) and Now Hear This (1991).

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