Tone Center

Freeway Jam To Beck And Back (CD)

This amazing guitar tribute features Steve Morse, John Scofield, Eric Johnson, Adam Rogers, Jeff Richman, Mike Stern, Warren Haynes, Chris Duarte, Greg Howe and WalterTrout who are some of the greatest names in progressive jazz/fusion, blues, and rock guitar, each paying tribute to rock guitar icon Jeff Beck, a pioneer of British Blues and Instrumental rock/fusion.

Price: $13.99

The Best Of GHS (CD)

The Best Of GHS chronicles the progression of this important trio's history and achieves the highest level of musical exchanges in a harder edged fusion context. Fans of these players recognize their collective efforts as culminating in one of the strongest progressive trios in the world.

Price: $18.47

Uncle Moe's Space Ranch (CD)

World renowned fusion drummer Dennis Chambers (Santana Parliament/Funkadelic, John McLaughlin, Niacin, Mike Stern) joins forces with Tribal Tech's Gary Willis and Scott Kinsey (Joe Zawinul, Bill Evans, Robben Ford) and legendary guitar duo Garsed/Helmerich for a no holds barred fusion super session. Uncle Moe's Space Ranch features some of the hottest grooves and most unrestrained fusion ensemble and solo work ever recorded.

Price: $14.99

Thick (CD)

On "Thick", Scott Henderson (Chic Corea, Jean Luc-Ponty, Joe Zawinul) and the members of Tribal Tech threw convention  out the window, entering the studio for the first time without a set  list of heavy arrangements. By turning on the tape machines and bravely setting out to play together as a unit, Tribal Tech delivered one of the most revered recordings of their impressive history as a band.

Price: $18.15

Cutaway (CD)

Fabrizio Leo is a new breed of guitar hero that has forged his own style and is poised to take his place among the great innovators of our time. Leo's incredible technique is second only to his strong sense of melody and intelligent grooves. Fabrizio Leo has created a debut album that is destined to shake up the guitar community and propel him to great heights within the genre.

Price: $15.12