Tone Center

Circus Of Sound (CD)

Just when progressive rock and fusion fans thought they've heard it all, OHM: came along to change their perspective on progressive instrumental music and to prove how good it really can get. Since 1997, OHM: has been breathing new life into the L.A. rock fusion scene by writing, recording, and performing with a highly original and captivating brand of instrumental music, inspired by the likes of KingCrimson, Return to Foreverand Mahavishnu Orchestraas well as progressive rock and metal.

Price: $16.12

Sound Proof (CD)

Greg Howe (Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake) has become synonymous with modern musical virtuosity. Whether performing as a solo artist, session player, or touring as a "hired gun". The  focus on "Sound Proof" is Howe's highly technical, yet very melodic, guitar style that has established him as one of the most innovative guitar instrumentalists of our time. Sound Proof never fails to impress on these awesome jazz/rock/fusion compositions.

Price: $16.60

3D (CD)

Jing Chi's 3rd album is their finest work to date as these three musician's musicians reach uncharted musical territories. Master drummer Vinnie Colaiuta (Sting, Frank Zappa), Bass phenom Jimmy Haslip (Steely Dan, Yellowjackets, Joni Mitchell) and Guitar legend Robben Ford combine their musical genius for another blistering set fueled by unbelievable ensemble and solo instrumental sections and extended jams that push the outer limits of jazz/blues/fusion.

Price: $14.99


HBC is the new fusion supergroup comprised of three virtuoso musicians: Scott Henderson Jeff Berlin and Dennis Chambers who join together to create one of the most phenomenal trios in the history of jazz fusion. Rather than jumping into the studio as virtual strangers and winging it like some superstar alliances HBC hit the road first and refined a repertoire of classic fusion covers in front of thousands of hungry fusion fans.

Price: $16.19

Moe's Town (CD)

This latest Tone Center release is a collaboration by the longtime fusion guitar team of Brett Garsed and T.J. Helmerich. The players combine for a fusion super session with World renowned fusion as drummer Dennis Chambers (Santana Parliament/Funkadelic, John McLaughlin, Niacin, Mike Stern) joins forces with Tribal Tech's Gary Willis and Scott Kinsey (Joe Zawinul, Bill Evans, Robben Ford) and legendary guitar duo Garsed/Helmerich for a no holds barred fusion super session.

Price: $14.99